6th January

Today is my traditional date for packing up the seasonal decorations. This year, I sorted through the boxes of items that hadn’t been put out, and made the kids comment on the value of keeping them. That is for no good reason at all.

  • The stash of pine cones went – this hasn’t been used except when I’ve been in charge of putting out decorations. That was half a (medium sized) box worth of space!
  • almost all of the ‘artwork’ that came home from school/kindergarten/daycare/etc went in the bin. I kept a few that had photos on, but there was a lot of plastic tat
  • several items in poor condition with no sentimental value went.
  • Now, all of the decorations fit into two boxes! Mostly what went on display were the items I’ve been buying each year at the shops (pretty, and they usually have items that can be identified as Solstice, rather than specifically for religious ceremonies). Many that didn’t go on display came from my childhood, and while tatty, you can’t get decorations like that any more. My guess is that when the kids leave home, we’ll do a split of the decorations, and then I’ll have to decide whether I want to keep those for the nostalgia, or whether they are too tatty, and throw them out.

    There are a number of rather ratty ones I can’t bring myself to throw out. These are the type that were thread wrapped around a ball, and they went fuzzy quite easily. I also can’t bring myself to throw out the tinsel, even though I hate it and it mostly doesn’t get put out.

    Maybe next year.

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