Baby Showers Crafted With Love

I can hardly contain my excitement. The thought of becoming a grandmother was about the most overwhelming experience I have ever had. When I found out that I was pregnant with our son the sensation was much the same. But there was a tinge of fear in my heart as well. I was young and a little frightened and it did go away, it just took a couple of weeks. Now. The fear isn’t there, I know my daughter-in-law will all the support that she needs, and the doctors are competent and caring to say the least.

The news was pure joy. And I am almost left without words.

Well, I was when they told me.

Now I am busy thinking, contemplating ways to show my daughter-in-law how much she means to me. How much we love her, and how important her well being is. She had a rocky childhood, an alcoholic father, and a distant mother. They took care of her as best they could, considering the circumstances, I suppose, but she has little contact to them. So I don’t suppose they will be throwing her a shower. That is why my daughter, my sister, and I will be throwing her a celebration. I don’t want to call it a shower, that isn’t what we envision, but a celebration which for all purposes is, well a shower.

My husband wants to come so an all girls celebration is out.

And I suppose that is for good reason.

It was old fashioned to only include the women and I was never raised that we excluded people from participating. My father used to say, participation is worth more than how you do. It showed good character to him, it showed that you tried. That you were true to yourself. And that is what meant something to him. Not parading around with the first place prize and not acting like somebody else when you felt like you could get away with it.

Needless to say, we did things as a family, and that is how I am.

My husband apparently feels the same way.

We know that we will be the proud grandparents of a little girl so that will be the direction we take the shower. I don’t see the point in doing it differently since that is what they will be having. While I feel being inclusive is important, being untrue to the purpose of the celebration is the opposite. I have already begun to work on different crafts that will be used for decorations, and I intend to make my own invitations for the baby girl shower to send to our rather moderate list of guests.

While it won’t be those big fancy things that my nieces have invited me to, it will be warm, it will be familiar, and it will be a day worth remembering.

I haven’t made all of the plans, I don’t need to, there is a lot of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm coming from my co-hostesses which is worth a lot. It lets me know that I am not the only one who is excited.

It makes the whole thing even more satisfying.

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