Uncluttering One Day And One Thing At A Time

I’m noticing a small trend.

It usually starts in January, and it is the time of year where I actually have the time, energy, and motivation to declutter.

Alas, my craft corner is escpecially bad this year.

As such, I’ve spent quite a lot of time on it today, although I’m not convinced that I’ve made much of a dent. As I mentioned briefly in the last post, kids have been identifying things that they don’t want. I’ve sorted through ~1/2 of it, throwing a significant amount out, boxing up a significant amount to take to the op-shop, and putting a small amount aside for reasons not yet articulated, including but not limited to ‘is this the last one of these, or should I find the rest so that they all go together’. Monday I should make it to the op shop, and the teetering mound of ‘to be donated’ should be about halved.

I’ve also been in the study, and sorted a few things. I’ve flagged a set of items (unused baking equipment, carry bags, craft materials) that the family might be persuaded to let go of, and I’ve also chucked a set of craft magazines that were gifted to me, but aren’t my kind of thing (I did keep one – it has an actually useful quilting pattern in it).

And now I’m sitting in the games room, looking at the big bookshelf, and wondering about the sanity of taking all the books off one shelf, and only putting back those that make me want to sit and read them now.

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